Crisis Strategy Group

Crisis Strategy Group

Crisis Strategy Group has been on the front lines. We understand news. How to make it – and how to stay out of it. With over 20 years of experience managing the toughest of situations, our team is on point in bringing calm to a chaotic situation with one simple end goal – making sure our clients brand comes out intact. There’s never a good day for a public facing crisis to happen, but when one does, Crisis Strategy Group is who you want by your side.
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About Crisis Strategy Group

We prepare, counsel and work through the most complex situations
As former journalists very familiar with high pressure environments, Crisis Strategy Group has now advised dozens of high-profile clients through the most challenging of crisis. From corrupt (challenged) politicians to transportation accidents and neighborhood activism to recalled products, CSG has been there to prepare, counsel and work through the most complex situations.

Jason Erkes and Dennis Culloton are longtime colleagues and entrepreneurs behind the Crisis Strategy Group. They’ve combined their decades of crisis communications and crisis management experience to offer senior expert counsel to clients when they most need it.

As young major market broadcast journalists and then as media and political advisors, Erkes and Culloton learned that business leaders and public officials could make or break their reputations and their futures with proactive communications strategies.


Jason Erkes
Dennis Culloton
Chief Spokesman for Chicago’s Airport System