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Chimera Communications

Yup, we are those guys. The people who mix strategy and logic, creativity and craziness to bring ideas to life. We believe all great communication (all great anything) comes from something true and that creativity can solve anything. We believe that if your customers’ experiences make a difference in their lives, then you have succeeded.
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About Chimera Communications

Established in 1993 in Upstate New York. Headquartered in Durango, Colorado, since 1995.

Proven ability with clients nationwide and clients right at home.

Creative thinkers who are just far enough outside of your box to reach inside and pull out what we need in order to create or promote your brand.

A team of EXPERTS in each field — branding and graphic design, production and copywriting, visual storytelling, web design and development, content management, SEO, PPC, social media, and customer experience measurement. This is a group effort and it does not hinge on one person. You have our full attention — collectively and as individuals.

We listen to and learn our clients’ stories. And then we help you tell them to your relevant audiences.

We believe in a closed loop communications system. Is the storytelling working? Is your audience engaging in the change or behaviors you’d like to see to make the world a better place? We want to know if what we are doing for you is working.

We believe ideas change the world.

We know that a story told using Surprise, Relevance and Emotion will affect change.

We’re glad to be here.


Nancy Brockman
Chief Experience Officer
Lisa Morales Eccher
Creative Team – Art/Design
Mark Reitz
Creative Team – Web/Digital
Leslie Smith
Client Wellness