What You Need to Know About Mixing CBD with Other Products?

Mary Linden - cbdoil.org Posted 4 years ago

What is CBD and How Does It Work?

CBD is a cannabinoid that is created from the stems, leaves, and flowers of the industrial hemp plant. It is usually distilled into an oil that many people use on a day to day basis. It works with the endocannabinoid receptors spread throughout the body’s other systems to create the same effect that a mild sedative would have, just without the side effects and addiction.

How Does Infusing CBD Change Its Effects?

Dilutes CBD

If you’re infusing CBD in a different product, you are going to need to increase the amount of CBD included in it to get the same effects. Adding other ingredients means that you’re spreading the CBD out further and you’ll get less in a dose. 

Changes Time It Takes to Work

When you include CBD in a food product or a topical product, it is going to take longer for you to feel the effects of the CBD than it would if you were trying to absorb it through your tongue. This is because it has to work through your skin or your digestive system instead of going straight into 

Can Limit Effects

Just like with any supplement you take, mixing it with other things can limit the effects. This is especially true if you mix it with anything with THC, which can even counteract the CBD’s effects.

Topical products are not going to do as much for your stress and anxiety as an ingestible product would, and you might need to use a lot more of it to 

What Should You Watch Out For?

If you are trying CBD for the first time, it is highly recommended that you talk to a doctor first. CBD is great for a lot of things, but you can also be allergic to it, it can cause problems with other medications you take, and when it’s mixed with other things, it can bring in even more problems. 

CBD is known to react with any medication that has a grapefruit warning or works on similar problems like sleep, seizures, or anxiety. You need to talk to your doctor if you take any of these medications and want to ingest your CBD in any way. If you are using a topical product, you have less to worry about but should still double-check it. 

You should also test it out before you buy a large amount of your CBD product to see if you can use it safely in whatever format you like. Be sure to check the ingredient list for any other potential allergen issues as well, since you aren’t using a pure distilled oil.