How Technology Is Changing the Way Cannabis Businesses Are Run

Rebecca Content Creator [email protected] Posted 4 years ago

How Technology Is Changing the Way Cannabis Businesses Are Run

Many businesses are adopting new ways of communication, processing, and marketing products, thanks to the advancement of technology in the 21st century. Technology helps to speed up most business processes by providing an efficient way of running daily activities.
The cannabis industry is a new and fast-growing sector, and entrepreneurs are taking advantage of these new technologies. Cannabis is famous for its recreational, medical purposes, and it is a lucrative venture that brings billions of money to nations.
Some of the health benefits include reducing pain and inflammation, managing anxiety and depression, alleviating nausea and vomiting, and treating insomnia. In this article, we take a closer look at how technology is changing the way that people run marijuana businesses.

Technologies In the Growing Sector

Technology offers many cannabis growing options to growers. Farmers no longer have to rely on soil alone as the planting medium. Instead, they can use aquaponic and hydroponic technologies. Aquaponic technologies combine soilless hydroponics and fish farming to allow the marijuana plant to benefit from nutrients from the fish waste. They take up less space than soil and produce denser and larger plants.
Hydroponics is also a good option to keep the plant healthy throughout the year. Since hydroponics don’t use soils, roots don’t need to search for nutrients to grow. A farmer provides all these nutrients throughout growth, and this guarantees quality products.

Besides, farmers are now using LED light technologies to provide additional light to crops and encourage flowering. Technologies such as sensors for heat and temperature also allow farmers to set up optimum conditions for their crops. It is imperative to note that the quality of the seed also matters when using such technologies. Therefore, always buy cannabis seeds from reputable sources to get premium quality.

Automation Cannabis Technologies
Cannabis is legal in most states in the US and other countries as well. However, countries still outline stringent rules to regulate its production and sale. As such, most manufacturers must track documents at all stages, from growth to processing and sale. Technology offers various automation technologies for entrepreneurs to track their products. Consumers consider such traders reputable because they can account for the effects of their products.
One research talks about vape tracking technologies that help to eliminate fake products in the market. As per this research, there are many vape-related illnesses reported in the United States, and some companies are using a tracking system to show their level of accountability and transparency to consumers. Consumers should be able to trace the seller easily in case of any adverse outcomes after interacting with the product.

Butane Hash Oil (BHO) and CO2 Extraction Technologies
Nowadays, you can enjoy different forms of cannabis such as oils, edibles, lotions, isolates, and concentrates, thanks to these extraction methods made possible by technological advancements.
CO2 extraction of cannabis involves the elimination of the plant matter to leave valuable compounds only. The solvents dissolve all marijuana plant matter and leave cannabinoids and terpenes. This makes it possible to make products such as full-spectrum and isolate CBD, or medical marijuana without THC content.
On the other hand, BHO technologies that involve using butane as a solvent to remove other plant materials and only preserve active compounds, scents, and flavors. This method is efficient and affordable, and you can use it for extraction, even at your home.

Technology Offers Improved Ways of Consuming Cannabis
People relied on traditional cigarette joints as the primary way of consuming marijuana. Technology offers other better ways for you to reap the most benefits out of weed. For example, vape pens are one of the incredible ways to burn e-liquid concentrates and inhale the vapor.
There are many different types of vaporizers in the market. Some even allow you to regulate the dose and heat. Other new methods include tinctures and topical creams. Besides, you can consume a product of your choice, be it pure CBD, pure THC, or a combination.
Moreover, infused-drinks are becoming a new way of consuming weed. Thanks to technology, sellers can transform cannabis oil and terpene into water-soluble forms to use in drinks. When it comes to edibles, new technology allows marijuana-infused products to maintain their potency after heating or freezing. Therefore, you can enjoy weed in almost any form that you want thanks to new methods of production.

Online Stores
Most manufacturers and sellers of weed are embarking on online methods to attract customers. This is a boost to access to information because the internet offers a perfect platform for sharing insights as well as providing product reviews for customers. Today, users can order various cannabis products online and have them delivered right to their home which increases convenience. Canada weed dispensary is one of the regulated sites that offer you high-quality cannabis products at pocket-friendly rates.
Some sellers have smart apps to create awareness and enable consumers to purchase products in the comfort of their homes. The increasing demand for weed implies that many people are searching for its medical benefits. It is for this reason that most sellers have an application that offers information to customers in terms of the best variety and its benefits.
Such an app simplifies the hustle customers take to get the desired product. It also makes it easy to order weed for delivery at your doorstep. Sellers can also use the app as a way to stay competitive in the market.

Most of the businesses in the cannabis industries that adopted technology show success in most aspects of the business. Technological advancements in the future will revolutionize the cannabis industries making the use of cannabis easy and manageable.
With the availability of technology to support the plant from growth up to processing, players in this industry can enhance their processes and save on production costs. Moreover, many people will be able to benefit from the medical properties of weed, thanks to e-commerce and mobile applications that provide information.
Despite the current technological progress there future is bright considering that the weed industry is still young and growing, it is set to benefit from more surprises offered by the ever-evolving technology.