Best Marketing Strategies For Your Cannabis Startup. Part 2.

Posted 5 years ago

We continue to talk about marketing tactics and tools for marijuana-related business. Previously, we mentioned marketing Do's and Don'ts, counted traditional marketing channels options and spoke about digital marketing and advertising strategies. This article is intended to introduce you to many other popular methods of cannabis business promotion.


Social Media Marketing

Social media is related to digital marketing, but deserves special attention as it is a powerful mean of advertising and audience accumulation. We will talk about free social media opportunities, as most of the resources prohibit paid cannabis advertising due to its semi-legal status.

Keep in touch with your audience through social media platforms. Search for partners, investors and potential customers on such popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google+, Vine, LinkedIn, Pinterest. If you do not have enough time or opportunities to use all of the above resources, concentrate your efforts on 3 major: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Engage, educate, and entertain your online community with your unique content. Share the content that makes your brand interesting to your audience. Maintain live communication, ask questions, explore how the community reacts to the content of different formats. Look at your social media metrics to see which posts are resonating with your audience. Use hashtags effectively for better message visibility.

Partner with other brands to cross-promote and increase the number of your followers. Look for partners with the same target audience.

Be polite with your audience. The way you communicate with your followers can be visible to everyone and plays an important role in the creation of your reputation. Try to be friendly, calm and show all your professionalism in every message.



Let's go back from the digital world to the real world and learn how you can promote your brand while communicating with live people. And by that I mean attend a variety of summits, conferences and generate meetings. Look for communities of cannabis enthusiasts and other like-minded interest groups and events to participate in. Go into each event with specific goals in mind, and measure any sort of impact your presence made. Infuzes Cannabis Events and Conferences Service will help you to make the right choice.

Think outside the booth! It is not necessary to default by securing a booth at each event you want to attend. It may be expensive for you at it is OK if you don't want to invest in it yet. Express your creativity instead of that: talk to attendees, film video interviews, speak on panels and bring attention to your brand.

Design unique promotional swag. Cheap and banal plastic accessories will be thrown into garbage. But you definitely don’t want your brand to be associated with trash. If you’re going to create some promotional material to pass out at events, think of something fun or useful that attendees might appreciate, such as rolling papers, grinders, or other handy accessories. Before you choose which swag to bring, make sure it complies with the event’s guidelines.



Merchandise and apparel can help your customers keep your brand as a part of their everyday lifestyle. But such a marketing strategy has some restrictions.

States with legal marijuana practices have varying laws when it comes to what you can put your logo on and how you can sell it, so make sure you familiarize yourself with local law.

Merchandise is one thing you can offer your customers via e-commerce. Online sales have global potential for your brand's products, even if they are targeted to a specific geographic market.

Co-branding or building partnerships with paraphernalia manufacturers is another good way to offer merchandise in your retail location.

Think out of the box and create merch that will differentiate your brand from competitors. T-shirts and common merch staples are great, but everyone has gotten used to it. The more ideas you can come up with to differentiate your merchandise from what everyone else is doing, the better chance you’ll have at standing out by offering something that’s unique yet valuable.


We’ve listed many ways to help boost your cannabis business. If you are ready to apply valuable marijuana marketing strategies for your company, then visit Infuzes Cannabis Marketing Services , and learn how we can upgrade your brand!