International Cannabis Business Conference – Zurich

May 15, 2019, 9:00 AM
May 16, 2019, 6:00 PM
Atlantis Hotel
$ 449–599

About International Cannabis Business Conference – Zurich

Zurich - Early Bird - $449 USD - Conference and After Party - 16 May from 8:30 - 17:00

The International Cannabis Business Conference will be held on Thursday,16 May. Early Bird tickets include all speaker sessions and exhibitor area and entry to an exclusive private after-party on Thursday night. Ticket purchase is in US Dollars.

Zurich - Early Bird - $599 USD - All Inclusive - 15 May from 19:00 - 21:00, 16 May from 8:30 - 17:00 plus After Party

The International Cannabis Business conference will be held on Thursday, 16 May 2019. All Inclusive tickets include entry to our exclusive VIP Reception on Wednesday 15 May, all speaker sessions and exhibitor area on Thursday, 16 May and entry to an exclusive private after-party on Thursday night. Ticket purchase is in US Dollars.


CEO AND OWNER Fourtwenty
Partner Company X
Yannik Schlup, MSc.
Chief Business Officer Pure Holding AG
Tiano Thomas
Co-Founder Gruenkraft
Mischa Gribi
Founder and CEO Mary Jane
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Garrett Bain
Chief Sales Officer Gencanna
Francis Scanlan
Founder and Managin Director Cloud 9 Switzerland LLC
Tom Zuber
Nic Easley
Founder and CEO
Scott Van Rixel
CEO Bhang Chocolates
George Kveton
Dean Arbit
CEO Wagner Dimas
Michael Knodt
Freelance Journalist
Jana Rykl
Application Chemist for HPLC and LCMS and MALDI-TOF at Shimadzu Schweiz GmbH
Marguerite Arnold
Founder MedPayRx
Clint Younge
The Lost Organization


10:00 Trajectory of Swiss Market
The Swiss cannabis market has a rich history, from the underground to the mainstream. With licensed companies now selling and exporting CBD-rich, low-THC cannabis already, the future is bright and could get even brighter with some key political changes. As political progress is burgeoning in Switzerland and nations across the European continent and the globe, the trajectory of the Swiss cannabis market look good. This panel will have the latest.

10:45 CBD in Switzerland
CBD is already big business in Switzerland and is poised to get even bigger as CBD becomes more mainstream across the globe. With a multitude of health benefits and the fact that nations weary of fully legalizing cannabis (like Switzerland and the United States) have already taken steps to allow CBD sales points to a an industry likely to become more lucrative for the foreseeable future. Growing and researching CBD as well as distribution of various

11:30 International Regulatory Framework
The international cannabis industry is changing rapidly and it is hard to keep up as different nations have different policies on importing and exporting and a whole host of other issues. Canada, with full legalization across the nation and exporting around the world, is leading the way, but there are exciting developments in the U.S., Germany, Switzerland, and around the globe. This panel will provide the latest info on the burgeoning international scene and provide a glimpse into the future of an industry that is only going to continue to grow, nation by nation, including the latest about the EU requiring that CBD products fall under the jurisdiction of the European Commissions “Novel Food” Legislation.

12:15 International Investment
The international cannabis market is full of high-risk investment opportunities, both public and private. Businesses across the space are faced with a host of issues including product contamination and efficacy issues, international commerce import/export regulation liabilities, political and regulatory volatility, operational compliance issues, and unqualified operators. In this session, Nic Easley, CEO of 3C Consulting, LLC™ & Managing Director of Multiverse Capital, walks you through public and private international cannabis investment strategies and shows you how to thoroughly vet opportunities while reducing risk. Attendees will gain keen, actionable insight into global cannabis markets.

13:00-14:30 Lunch and Networking

14:30 Investment and Capital markets
Stoked by the rapid growth of legal markets, investment in compelling cannabis companies has grown increasingly competitive with the convergence of private equity and public markets capital. Never has it been more crucial for companies to understand the Investment environment and associated factors, such as reporting requirements, and strategic synergies that can impact a company’s operations and growth trajectory. Our panel of leading private and public fund CEOs will provide an updated investor landscape and delve beyond simple dollar amounts in assessing the impact of taking in capital via different investment vehicles.

15:15 Cannabis Extracts: A Fast Growing Sector of the Cannabis Industry
There is a growing demand for cannabis extracts (and concentrates) and that demand will only continue to increase as people become more familiar with these products, both for medicinal and recreational purposes. These products are stereotypically potent with high levels of THC, but they can also contain high-CBD percentages to fit the market and the needs of patients and consumers. This panel will discuss the current state of the extracts market, various extraction techniques and products, and what the future holds for this fast growing sector of the cannabis

16:00 Strategic Partnerships: A Key to Survive and Thrive
Specialization is a major factor attracting capital and helping grow the Cannabis sector at hyper-speed. As businesses scale, focused models will be a necessity from both economic and regulatory perspectives, allowing companies to position and embed into the Industry value chain alongside other ‘specialists’. Our panel of industry experts will discuss strategy in identifying synergies in prospective strategic partners and offer their insights related to making these significant decisions which can be a determining factor in the survival and ultimate success of your business.

16:30 Afternoon Networking Reception