Future Cannabis Strategies North America 2019

Oct 2, 2019, 8:15 AM
Oct 3, 2019, 5:15 PM

About Future Cannabis Strategies North America 2019

Future Cannabis Strategies North America brings together strategic business leaders from across the wider North American Consumer-Facing Cannabis products category, this includes CBD/ Cannabis Products & Devices, Beverages, Tobacco, Cosmetics & Nutraceuticals, together with solution providers for 2 days of insight, discussion and debate into how manufacturers can:

Capitalise on Canada’s legalisation on the sale of edibles, extracts and topicals: expected no later than October 17th 2019
•Spotlight growth in International markets including the UK, Mainland Europe & South America
•Understand consumer trends & demands from across North America
•Identify opportunities to introduce Cannabis/ Hemp infused products into existing Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)
•Review recent product innovation to understand how market trends are adapting to consumer demands

This is a strategic event designed for those who have commercial or strategic responsibility. This is not a scientific or medical research focused event, but a platform to share best practise and meet solution providers to allow International CPG manufacturers to ensure they comply with regulation, and to increase sales across global markets. The event heavily focuses on identifying opportunities within the European & North American markets and spotlights regulation to ensure producers and retailers of cannabinoid products operate legally.

This event discusses topics including: Product Launches, Regulatory Affairs, Government Policy, Business Opportunities, Quality Testing Methods & Marketing Practices.




Eric Klein
Head of Marketing Cronos Group
Founder & CEO
Lauren Maillian
Chief Strategy Officer Province Brands
Stephen Mueller
Founder & Chief Technology Officer
Andy Palalas
Chief Revenue Officer High Tide Inc
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Blas Pegenaute
Commercial Director, Pharmatech SA
Robyn Rabinovich
Vice President of Business Strategy TerrAscend Corp.
Michael Ruscetta
CEO, Trichome Financial
Neil Saunders
Managing Director & Analyst, GlobalData Consumer
Steffan Schenk
SVP Customer Experience at mihi
Kenneth Shea
Senior Analyst, Bloomberg
Michael Trzecieski
Co-Founder & CEO Vapium
Monica Vialpando
Product Development Scientist & Founder VIALPANDO
Dan Anglin
Rick Brar
Co-Founder & Special Advisor Zenabis Global Inc.
Nicole Connors
Founder & CEO, SAKU Cannabis
Alex Fang
CEO & Founder, Sublime Canna
COO, Neurotheryx
President & General Counsel Origin House
Neil Hendry
Global Head of Consulting, GlobalData Consumer
General Counsel CannaCraft



2nd October 2019
08:15 Registration and refreshments
Chair’s opening remarks
Neil Hendry, Global Head of Consulting, GlobalData
Opening Keynote: The Global Cannabinoid Opportunity
Presenting a global view of current and future opportunities in the cannabinoid market by understanding
consumer dynamics and demand.
 Presenting current and future forecast cannabis market sizes for key regions and countries
 Exploring the potential for growth in different cannabis categories
 Sharing consumer perceptions and usage of cannabis products
 Showcasing the evolution of consumer needs and demand in the cannabis space
 Studying product success stories from North American markets
 Highlighting future opportunities and barriers to growth within the North American markets
Neil Saunders, Managing Director & Analyst, GlobalData Consumer
Onstage Interview: Building a Global Cannabis Brand
 Assessing the role of North American LPs on the international market place
 Reviewing the stigmatization of cannabis and what can be done to counter this in developing markets
 Marketing in an unmarketable market, how to break through onto the global stage
 Evolving product development to create household brands, where’s the market moving to next?
Afzal Hasan, President & General Counsel, Origin House
Eric Klein, Head of Marketing, Cronos Group
Lead Partner Keynote: Cannabis Consumption Technologies
 Highlighting that Cannabinoid vaping is not nicotine vaping to ascertain the key differentials
 Setting standards for product safety to maintain consumer confidence of Cannabinoid vaping
 Reviewing the importance of quality control
 An overview of formulation & research conducted to create better Cannabinoid products
Arnaud Dumas de Rauly, Co-CEO The Blinc Group and Chair of the ISO and CEN Standards Committees on
Vapor Products
Achieving Successful Market Expansion of a CPG Cannabis Brand
 Divulging the successful CPG model of expansion to ascertain how is it so successful
 Sharing examples of successful multi-national CPG expansion
 Understanding the current expansion model used by cannabis brands to review where it may be
going wrong
 Recommending methods of how to adapt to create a leading cannabis CPG brand
Jeffrey Maser, Founder & CEO, The Tinley Beverage Co.
10:30 Morning refreshments and networking
Regulatory Update Panel: Health Canada’s Regulatory Update on Edibles, Extracts & Topicals
With the 17th October deadline fast approaching this panel will develop and understanding of what we as an
industry know now and what steps should be taken to ensure compliance.
 Presenting the main packaging ‘need-to-knows’ to ensure compliance
 Reviewing key manufacturing restrictions to ascertain the barrier of entry into the market
 Operating in a restricted market; which marketing challenges do brands face
 Maintaining product quality and compliance, selecting the preferred testing methods for Edibles,
Extracts and Topicals
 Tackling the 60 day notice to health Canada to launch new products, to understand how this may
effect route-to-market
Terry Donnelly, Chairman & CEO, Hill Street Beverage Co.
Keynote: The State of the CBD Industry
 Retrospective of hemp production, CBD extraction and consumer demand
 Looking ahead to the opportunities and challenges for the CBD industry
 Sharing how science, data and industrial-scale technology will propel consumer demand for CBD into
the future
Stephen Mueller, Founder & Chief Technology Officer, Mile High Labs, www.MileHighLabs.com
Case Study: Launching Cannabis Infused Wine Into The Canadian Market
 Presenting the challenges faced when starting production of wine using cannabis derived ingredients
 Sharing the role Health Canada’s regulatory update plays when planning production
 Addressing key packaging challenges to avoid appealing to minors and avoid association with
alcoholic beverages
 Discussing the effect this will have on the appetite of global beverage producers to enter the cannabis
beverages space
Terry Donnelly, Chairman & CEO, Hill Street Beverage Co.
12:45 Lunch and networking
Keynote Panel: Building Brand Experience Through Effective Retail
 Presenting an overview of the current retail sector for cannabis products in Canada and wider North
America region
 Highlighting the marketing & branding restrictions cannabis retailers face and how to remain
 Discussing how to build customer experience even with restrictions on marketing
 Debating why consumers aren’t buying online, and why online cannabis sales are decreasing
 Exploring opportunities for retail sales of consumables and the growth and trends of this category
Andy Palalas, Chief Revenue Officer, High Tide Inc
Steffan Schenk, SVP Customer Experience, mihi
Nicole Connors, Founder & CEO, SAKU Cannabis
14:30 Partner Session
International Markets– In Focus
Keynote Panel: Bridging The Gap Between North America & International Markets
 Emphasizing the need for Regulatory Standardization and a single certifying body to introduce
international quality control & compliance
 Discussing the key European markets poised for entry for both Medicinal and Recreational use
 Bringing cannabis mass market, how to remove the stigma around cannabis and introduce varying
products to non-users
 Exploiting product innovation as a tool for market entry to reach untapped consumer markets
Stacy Allura Hostetter, General Counsel, CannaCraft
Alex Fang, CEO & Foudner, Sublime Canna
Rick Brar, Co-Founder & Special Advisor, Zenabis Global
Robyn Rabinovich, Vice President of Business Strategy, TerrAscend Corp
Subject TBC
Dan Anglin, CEO, CannAmerica Brands Corp
16:15 Afternoon refreshments and networking
16:45 Partner Session
Keynote Panel: Raising Finance For Expansion & Product Development
 Finding financial partners a broad understanding of where to look and how to approach
 Determining the preferred way to pitch for investment, what do potential backers look for
 Defining which is the right type of financial partner for you to see your business grow
 Expanding on the varied types of funding on offer, which works well for which industries
Panel Chair: Kenneth Shea, Senior Analyst, Bloomberg
Michael Ruscetta, CEO, Trichome Financial
Lisa Harun, COO, Neurotheryx
17:45 Chair’s summary and close of day 1
Neil Hendry, Global Head of Consulting, GlobalData
17:50 –
18:50 Networking Drinks Reception: Hosted by The Blinc Group

3rd October 2019
09:10 Registration and refreshments
09:30 Chair’s opening remarks
Neil Hendry, Global Head of Consulting, GlobalData
The Future
Market Potential For Cannabis Infused Beer
 Unlocking the potential of Canada’s consumer market post complete legalization to understand
adapting consumer demands and potential move towards THC beverages
 Presenting the trend for functional beverages, what has driven this consumer demand
 Investigating the current consumer appetite for cannabis infused beer, will this be the next global
 Target the right markets; Finding the most fruitful consumer segment to market cannabis infused
beverages to
 T-minus to launch? What to expect from Province Brands in the next month?
Lauren Maillian, Chief Strategy Officer, Province Brands
10:05 Partner Session
The Rise of Premium Cannabis Skin Care
 Learning of the general consumer appetite in North America for premium cannabis products to
take away potential market-entry knowledge
 Cosmetics in focus: Combating product formulation challenges to create market leading, effective
 Exploring common cosmetics product testing challenges, the importance to partner with a
knowledgeable lab to generate accurate test data
 Moving into the mainstream idealizing what the future holds
Shannon Leroux, Founder & CEO, SIIVVA
11:05 Morning refreshments and networking
11:30 Hosted Roundtable Discussions
Interactive roundtable sessions offer a unique opportunity to come together with your peers to share best
practice and develop solutions to critical challenges facing the industry as a whole.
Hosted by industry experts and each focused on a single issue, roundtables are an exciting, interactive way
to build your personal network and learn from the experience and expertise of others.
Each roundtable session lasts for 45 minutes, and delegates may attend up to 2 roundtables
RT 1 Breaking Into Europe, The Need To Knows Before Swimming Across The Pond
RT 2 What do Consumers Want: The Next Level of Innovation For Canada’s Cannabis Sector
RT 3 Tackling Challenges In Edibles & Topicals Formulation
13:00 Lunch and networking
Product Development
Dosing – Next Stage Innovation Delivering What Consumers Want & Need
 Exploring opportunities in cannabis vape sector, the rate of growth and potential opportunities for
future growth
 Snapshot of current products available to North American consumers to understand whether
consumer demand is met with existing options
 Moving into the mainstream, assessing current vape device price-points to reach entry-level
 The next stage of product innovation: delving into dosing measurement technology to aid better
informed consumers to monitor cannabis intake
Michael Trzecieski, Co-Founder & CEO, Vapium Inc
14:30 Partner Session
Formulation Workshop: Evolution of Edibles
 Sharing the challenge with formulation for edibles and beverages, to understand how to best
create appealing and functional products
 Reviewing preferred quality testing methods to ensure correct labeling to instill consumer
confidence in your brand
 Creating the idea product: Oil vs Isolate, which is best for functional, tasty and sexy products
 A quick rewind: History of formulation in the cannabis sector
Monica Vialpando, Product Development Scientist & Founder, Vialpando LLC
15:30 Afternoon refreshments and networking
Science & Technology
Lessons From Europe: Consumer as a Route to Medicinal Markets
 Understanding the current consumer product portfolio which has led to funding medicinal product
 Brief overview of Europe’s uptake of CBD products to tackle any early consumer opinion challenges
 Debating CBDs functionality as antibiotic and it’s uses to combat antibiotic resistance
 Presenting clinical evidence obtained from trials, the challenges faced and results
 Predicting the market potential for CBD Antibiotics
Blas Pegenaute, Commercial Director, Pharmotech SA
Clinical Trials With Cannabis Based Drugs: The Challenges, and Solutions
 Understanding how to achieve sufficient clinical evidence and the challenges in obtaining accurate
 Highlighting key clinical trial design possibilities in Cannabis-based drug trials
 Presenting regulatory strategy for the conduct of cannabis treatment trials
 Sharing successful cannabis based clinical trials from the past 12 months to create an
understanding of treatment possibilities
Lisa Harun, COO, Neurotheryx
Chair’s Summary
 Lessons learnt from the past 2 days of conference program
 Reviewing the market insights shared from industry leaders
 Thank you to audience, partners and organizers for their involvement
Neil Hendry, Global Head of Consulting, GlobalData
17:15 Close of conference