Alpha Cow

Alpha Cow

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  • Type Sativa

About Alpha Cow

Everyone loves a rare gem and if you’re reading this you’ve just found your very own Hope Diamond. Drift away on this cloud of calming cerebral sensations courtesy of The Farm. By crossing Alpha Blue and Purple Cow, breeders have gifted us this scarcely found a hard-hitting high that energizes the senses and has unparalleled euphoric effects.

The powerfully high THC levels make Alpha Cow quite heady in nature and hard hitting in its effects. These spade shaped nugs are dense and covered in orange hairs and amber trichomes, giving it a glittering appearance with a nice floral, hashy aroma. The distinctive flavors are reminiscent of grazing a berry farm with a cup of joe: rich blueberry and blackberry on the palate with a wisp of toffee and cream on the exhale.

As mentioned before, the high is hard and fast giving a burst of euphoria that lasts through the high. The great thing about this strain is that while it is heavily energetic, it comes without racing thoughts and is absent of a pounding heartbeat that some strong sativas may induce. The waves of cerebral sensations and unfaltering positivity stay with you as the high progresses and all the way through the comedown. This is a great strain to wake and bake or have as a midday break due to its sustainability. Alpha Cow is highly recommended for advanced smokers and novice users are cautioned to leave this one to the pros.

Alpha Cow is a stellar strain for treating depression, stress, and bipolar as it is exceedingly joyful and uplifting. The all-over tingles and energetic nature of the strain offer sweet relief from the ‘in your head’ trap that mood disorders can often leave you feeling. This is not recommended for anyone suffering from schizophrenia, paranoia, or anxiety as this strain tends to be very strong and can agitate certain symptoms.

The plant itself is indicative of its high, with vibrant colors and a recommendation that favors advanced users and growers alike. If you’re looking to cultivate Alpha Cow at home, you’ll have a bit of a mystery on your hands, as tips and tricks are virtually non-existent.

If you find yourself stuck in a rut, needing to get out of your own head and into a happy place, Alpha Cow is the strain to do it. Or perhaps you’re a seasoned pro and want to test out a rare breed that is fast acting, long lasting, and a ride of a lifetime. Either way, this bud is a great choice.