Bubba Hash

Bubba Hash

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Bubba Hash details

  • Type Indica

About Bubba Hash

Bubba Hash is an indica dominant hybrid strain created through a cross of the potent Katsu Bubba X Hash Plant strains. This celebrity child boasts a moderate 15-18% HTC level and classic indica effects that will leave you begging for more. You’ll feel a happy lifted onset a few minutes after your first toke, lifting your mind into a clear-headed state with a touch of focus. As your mind soars to new heights of motivation, your physical form will start to succumb to a buzzy body high, leaving you utterly relaxed and unable to move. This effect will soon spread to your head as well, leaving you sleepy and nodding in an out of sleep.

Thanks to these effects and its moderate THC level, Bubba Hash is often chosen to treat conditions such as chronic pain, anxiety, hyperactivity, ADD or ADHD, and depression.

This bud has a classic hashy petrol flavor with hints of coffee and diesel. The aroma is of earthy diesel with hints of pungent skunk and rich coffee. Bubba Hash has dark green nugs with rich purple undertones, pinkish hairs, and a coating of lavender-tinted white crystal trichomes.