Expert Tips for Beginners to Invest in Marijuana Stocks

Infuzes Team Posted 4 years ago

My investment tips for anything, not just cannabis, is that you want to invest for the long run, meaning don't day trade. Over time, investing for the long run is a winning strategy for wealth management. Choose stocks you think have good management teams and well-articulated business strategies including what their competitive advantages are and then sit on them. This industry is nascent and could have a 20-30 year run before reaching maturity so you could get outsized returns compared to the public markets but what you really want are long term holds that will let your capital grow for when you need it in the future. Do your diligence, make your picks, and then go do something else

Don’t track them too closely. Big picture. I’d play the ETFs and avoid specific ones. Too much volatility and it’s better to place a sector bet if you like the industry.

Investment tips: focus on publicly traded companies on major exchanges (CSE, TSX, NASDAQ, NYSE, etc). Also, look into these companies global footprint as a sign for future market growth, expansion, and production capacity.