Best Marketing Strategies For Your Cannabis Startup. Part 1.

Infuzes Team Posted 5 years ago

Due to the progressive legalization of recreational marijuana around the world, this industry is confidently gaining the market. However, promoting your cannabis business can be a challenge due to strict federal and state legislation as well as restrictive social media platform guidelines. Does this mean that you shouldn’t link your venture with cannabis? Of course not. You just need to design your business plan in accordance with the current law. An important part of the development of any young enterprise is its marketing. With the help of skilful marketing, you will be able to advertise your business, win a positive reputation and provide yourself with a large client base, and, as a result, high profits in the future. We introduce you some win-win strategies of your cannabis business marketing.


Before giving advice on what you should do to become a cannabis professional, we want to draw your attention to what should be avoided.


Do Not Copy Well-Known Brands

The idea of making money out of popular companies’ imitation seems to be good only at first glance. In practice, this could lead to a public scandal or even a trial about copyright infringement. Big brands care about their reputation and do not want to be associated with the semi-legal marijuana industry. The only right decision is to create your own unique product, unlike anything else.


Do Not Violate City Zoning Laws

When looking for a viable location for your facility, you must consider state and city zoning laws for your type of business. Most zoning laws will require you to be at least 300 meters from a school, church or daycare center. Keep in mind age restrictions while developing your branding. The cannabis industry is quite young and many people are worried about how marijuana’s legalization will affect minors.


Think about how your company can change the negative impression of specific areas of activity. There is still a prejudiced attitude towards marijuana-related businesses among many. Maintain fair labor practices and run your business openly while also avoiding questionable and derogatory messaging. These simple tips will help you build a successful cannabis brand, and get into the community's good graces.

Now when you already know what to avoid in your marketing campaign, let's talk about what you should do to promote your business effectively.


Traditional Marketing Channels

Traditional marketing outlets include media like newspapers, magazines, radio, and TV. Such a way of promotion can be extremely limited due to cannabis federal government laws and strict advertising restrictions placed on marijuana businesses by their respective states. Nevertheless, you shouldn't give up on all these marketing methods. Traditional marketing channels may be a big-ticket, but you can compare tariffs and choose an ad type suitable for your business.

Find an “alternative” newspaper. Such print media usually has less severe advertising restrictions. Check out industry-specific magazines, which one can find in dispensary waiting rooms for example. The magazine also has a longer life than a newspaper, so there is a greater likelihood that more people will read your ads. You should clearly identify who your potential customers are. Look for periodicals with a similar target audience as the one you want to reach.

Look at radio advertising as an option. Note that you will have more chances to place your advertising on podcasts or internet radio, which are cheaper and more loyal than corporate radio.

Television is more open for partnerships with the “red hot” cannabis industry. Marijuana-related businesses also cooperate with web-based video channels such as YouTube.


Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a way to connect your brand with your audience through the World Wide Web. It includes websites and blogs, search engine optimization and advertising, and email marketing. People use the internet more than ever before, which makes it the easiest way for big and small companies to promote themselves. Here are a few tips and tricks on how you can use digital channels to successfully grow your marijuana business.


Make a list of cannabis-specific websites and online communities and either list your business there or look into advertising opportunities. Familiarize yourself with the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB)’s Standards for Digital Ad Placement.


Create your unique digital content. Write for your own website or collaborate with well-known industry publications. The more this content is viewed and shared, the more people will gain interest in your product(s).


Use search engine optimization (SEO) practices to ensure your website can be easily indexed by search engines. The goal of SEO is to build the trust of robots to your resource. In the long term, search engine promotion provides loyal customers. Native advertising can also help boost your business’s SEO value.


It's imperative to track your marketing strategies and their results. Otherwise, you won't know which tools work well and on which you should give up. For example, Google has a URL builder you can use on the landing page so you can track how many people are getting to that page and from where they’re coming.


Collect your clients’ data to design targeted marketing campaigns. Make a list of customer emails and data to ensure successful and direct communication with your customers about events, promotions, or other newsworthy information. Create a regular mailout with your mailing list so that they don’t forget about the products and services you offer. But don't be annoying, otherwise, you will go in spam.


In the next part, we will continue to familiarize you with the winning tactics for your cannabis business. If you are ready to apply valuable marijuana marketing strategies for your company, then visit Infuzes Cannabis Marketing Services, and learn how we can upgrade your business!