National Hemp Wellness Expo

Aug 24, 2019, 9:00 AM
Aug 24, 2019, 6:00 PM
Dulles Expo Center

About National Hemp Wellness Expo

A Utopia of the highest quality and most innovative Hemp and CBD solutions. Hemp provides endless benefits including CBD, Nutrition, and eco-friendly alternatives, and the NHWE is here to highlight these universal features through a full day of Exhibitors, Speakers, Special Guests, Awards, and more. For decades, Hemp has been unfairly suppressed in the United States due to its relation to Cannabis. But not anymore! With the 2018 Farm Bill (Section 10113) passing and, with more states allowing its cultivation, more universities studying its benefits, and more first-person testimonials, Hemp is making the greatest comeback EVER! Hemp has become a staple in American lives and lives across the globe.

NHWE Exhibitors and Speakers have been hand selected and catered to the industry’s needs. Because CBD and Hemp are so hot right now, companies are popping up left and right to take advantage of the Green Rush. There are many GREAT companies out there, but as a wholesaler or a consumer, it can get overwhelming. At the National Hemp Wellness Expo, you will speak with industry professionals that can guide you in your CBD journey, while browsing and testing a plethora of products and services to find what best suites your needs. If you are new to Hemp (and CBD), the NHWE is the perfect place to come learn and experience all that it has to offer. To ensure a great variety of Hemp and CBD innovations, we are careful to select the most impressionable companies and industry leaders in different subsectors of the Hemp and CBD industries.

The National Hemp Wellness Expo will be available for Business to Business (with 2 hour early access), as well as open to the public throughout the day. Everyone is welcome!