SIVA Enterprises

SIVA Enterprises

SIVA Enterprises is a California-based cannabis company offering a full suite of business development services to entrepreneurs and investors in all states where cannabis (marijuana) businesses are allowed or being considered.
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About SIVA Enterprises

SIVA is a full-service business development firm that provides consulting, turnkey management, venture opportunities, brand acquisitions and licensing, as well as product development & brand marketing to cannabis entrepreneurs globally. Our unmatched experience and expertise helps SIVA clients capture opportunities in all segments of our industry. We work around the clock to keep up to date on new legislation and industry changes in order to take the guesswork out of your cannabusiness. At Siva, we are currently building the largest connected interstate cannabis operation to date.

Our experience and knowledge encompasses hands on understanding of growing, processing, manufacturing, distribution, and dispensary, enabling the greatest breadth and depth of consultation on obtaining state licenses, developing business plans, financial models, and operating manuals to satisfy investor and regulatory requirements.

Our Founder and CEO Avis Bulbulyan, is one of the most sought after speakers in the cannabis industry regarding building and operating a legal cannabis business and the team at SIVA is now comprised of some of the most experienced professionals and executives in the industry hailing from some of the most well known organizations in the cannabis space. As the regulated cannabis industry grows in states across the US over the next decade, we are excited to be part of the opportunity to assist entrepreneurs with their business needs.

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