Phylos Bioscience

Phylos Bioscience

Through our partner laboratories in each state, we offer quantitative real-time PCR Cannabis testing for mold, mildew and pathogenic bacteria. Typical microbiology testing provides extremely rough data and takes 5-7 days to complete. Quantitative PCR is now standard in the food-safety industry, takes two hours to perform, and allows absolute microbial identification and quantitation.
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About Phylos Bioscience

Phylos is an agricultural genomics company using modern molecular genetics and computational biology to power the next generation of hemp and cannabis.

Phylos provides breeding and R&D services to global partners and offers a suite of genetic services and testing solutions. We remain committed to a sustainable cannabis industry and to the preservation of genetic diversity through the Phylos Galaxy and publicly accessible data, like the Open Cannabis Project.

We are a new generation of plant scientists, transforming the hemp and cannabis industries with unparalleled data, technology, and expertise. Phylos is strategically positioned to provide cultivators with the tools to understand the breadth of genetics in their catalog, evaluate development of additional varieties, and drive business growth.


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Kenichi Nakamura
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