Integrated Pain Solutions

Integrated Pain Solutions

We take pride in the work that we do, that is why choose to offer only the finest services here at IPS. We offer personalized care that is sure to show you and your loved ones that we are the superior choice for your care. Integrated Hemp Solutions is a patient-inspired product that we have created to effectively manage and treat different health conditions and injuries in a natural, non-addictive way.
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About Integrated Pain Solutions

We believe there are too many options and not enough information about hemp and CBD in the marketplace, creating confusion and misconceptions about CBD use. This has inspired Integrated Hemp Solutions to take a unique approach to clinical research, product development and sales. Our hemp-derived CBD products are clinically tested and trusted by doctors and patients to treat a growing list of conditions, providing a safe alternative to dangerously addictive opioids. Working with our partners at Integrated Pain Solutions, we treat thousands of patients using CBD therapy and track their progress on a regular basis. This need for education has also inspired Integrated Hemp Solutions to recruit and train a network of physicians and other healthcare and sales professionals to be a part of our Hemp Education Program and contribute to the growth of this important industry. We provide a safe, convenient and informative way for patients to better understand their treatment options and procure the proper CBD therapy for their specific conditions.


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