Agri-Kind LLC

Agri-Kind LLC

Researcher and provider of targeted cannabis and plant based therapies
Research / Cannabis Analysis Labs

About Agri-Kind LLC

Our select blend of biochemistry and care-oriented founders have deep experience in pharmacy compounding, evidence-based medicine, pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, clinical trials, in addition to leveraging technology for drug research, cannabis growing, extraction and product development. All of this coupled with our marketing expertise in bringing new drugs to market as well as other consumer products makes for a unique competitive advantage in achieving our goals.

Agri-Kind LLC is committed to advancing the Medical Cannabis industry with a primary focus on developing and researching products targeted for specific indications for the best medical efficacy. Agri-Kind is determined to provide the best patient care and empowers employees to work fluently with the retailers we serve and the communities in which we work. With our strong understanding in agronomy, chemical extraction, pharmaceutical manufacturing and pharmaceutical compliance, our diverse team of researchers are committed to developing high quality, branded and patented formulations to improve the quality of life for our patients, and drive the pharmaceutical science and acceptance of medical cannabis.

We have recently received a permit to Grow and Process Medical Marijuana in Pennsylvania.

Founded in Chester County, Pa, Agri-Kind LLC is minority owned and operated by a team of doctors, pharmacists, pharmacologists, and entrepreneurs. We are committed to being a premier researcher and provider of medical cannabis products to the patients in need, and the health care community as whole.





Chester Pennsylvania, United States
$52,000 - $70,000 a year
18 Jun 2019