IDVV Plans OGGL Production Facility in Mexico

ACCESSWIRE - Posted 2 years ago

TEMECULA, CA / ACCESSWIRE / January 16, 2019 / International Endeavors Corporation (OTC PINK: IDVV) today announced plans to build a production facility to manufacture the Off Grid Grow Laboratory (OGGL) in Mexico. Recent legalization efforts of marijuana in Mexico gives International Endeavors Corporation the opportunity to expand its global presence.

According to Marketing Director, Barry Smith, "We see the Mexico market as having enormous potential. The laws are beginning to improve in Mexico now, especially for medical marijuana. We noticed an increased demand for OGGLs in Mexico, and that encouraged International Endeavors Corporation to rapidly advance its plans for a production facility in the Baja region of Mecico. We are evaluating sites in the Baja region that can accommodate the manufacturing of up to 50 OGGLs per month."

The advantages include economies of scale that come from building multiple OGGLs in an assembly-line process and lower transportation and labor costs when compared to manufacturing and shipping the OGGLs from California.

Smith further stated, "Baja Mexico makes an excellent location for a production facility to manufacture the OGGLs. Because of its climate and number of clear sunny days there is a lot of demand for off grid products featuring Solar. We are excited about the potential there."

About the OGGL: The OGGL is the first purpose-built, self-contained, off-grid growing laboratory. Built in a low-cost shipping container, the OGGL has integrated solar modules and lithium-phosphate batteries coupled with a generator backup to supply uninterrupted power to the grow room. The OGGL is configurable for the three stages of the growing process, which are: vegetative, flowering, and cloning.


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