CannX Tel Aviv: The Central Meeting Point for Global Leaders in Medical Cannabis

Posted 4 years ago

The 4th International Medical Cannabis Conference (CannX) will be held in Tel Aviv this September. CannX invites health and agriculture professionals, investors, start-ups, scientists, clinicians, researchers and entrepreneurs to gain access to the most relevant developments, innovations and opportunities in this emerging medical field.

The Israeli medical cannabis industry has undergone tremendous growth in recent years, stemming from changes in legislation and in the public perception of cannabis treatments. Numerous companies and projects have been established, focusing on a wide spectrum of issues, from industrial agriculture to the consumer experience. Ongoing medical cannabis reforms in the global cannabis market, combined with Israel's great export potential mean that Israel could become a global cannabis power in the coming years.

CannX Tel Aviv- Why You Should Come:

•CannX is an unparalleled opportunity to gain a deep understanding of what is truly ground-breaking in this rapidly evolving field.

Three tracks devoted to science, business and agriculture.

•Lectures by leading Israeli and international researchers including renowned cancer researcher Prof. Dedi Meiri, Professor David Casarett and Lumír Ondřej Hanuš.

•Essential first-hand knowledge and networking in the complex medical cannabis ecosystem.

•CannX is a leading international conference series on medical cannabis, with conferences coming up in Tel Aviv, Lisbon as well as Sao Paolo

CannX Tel Aviv will take place on 9-10 September 2019 in Tel Aviv. Register