Alaskan Kush Company

Master Grower

️ Cultivation

Kush Dispensing Company (aka Kushco), a Montana medical cannabis operation is seeking a full-Time Master Grower to assume all responsibilities associated with the cultivation of medicine for our dispensaries. This position is responsible for maintaining and producing high quality flower in our newly built 8,000 square foot facility. You will be responsible for plant propagation for multiple stages of growth simultaneously in 3 separate 2,000 rooms. A lean-to light deprivation greenhouse is currently under construction and will add an additional 3,000 square feet. Must be familiar with hydroponics and plant nutrition. Must have prior experience in a commercial medical or recreational facility. Relocation accommodation and potential short-term housing can be provided to the right candidate. Yearly bonuses and pay increases for improved yields and test results. Any bachelor's degree or higher in biology, agriculture or horticulture is a bonus.