Bloom Farms

Inventory Control Manager

️ Supply Chain

Our retail warehouse currently requires an Inventory Manager to handle product management and help with distribution as well as help to integrate our new inventory tracking system to streamline our business. The main responsibilities of this position include maintaining inventory accuracy, managing tracking systems, and acting as a liaison to other departments such as supply chain. The successful candidate will offer recommendations to ensure ideal levels of inventory in the warehouse at all times.

Primary Responsibilities include:

Ensure accurate product inventory at all times and conduct frequent cycle counts

Solve for any possible inventory discrepancies that may arise and correct them

Master our inventory tracking system to help streamline our business operations

Become fluent in Q-stock as to help facilitate builds, properly receive and return items to inventory and issue out material required for marketing or ancillary events.

Communicate with our Warehouse Associate and Ops Director about current stock levels and potential issues with orders

Order all shipping necessities

Assist in the ordering of components required for the production of our products

Request/create purchase orders for needed items/services

Conduct daily analyses to forecast potential inventory issues

Help manage trigger reports

Report on inventory activities and variances

Assess new inventory to ensure it is consumer ready

Implement inventory control procedures and best practices

Maintain a perfectly organized facility