Breeding Operations Manager

️ Cultivation

Come help us work with the Phylos team to develop improved cannabis cultivars for our customers. Phylos Bioscience has an immediate opening for an action-oriented team player to work on our breeding team. This position will be responsible for implementation of selected breeding software within R&D teams, developing breeding workflows and implementation, and assist in the development of an industry leading Cannabis breeding program. Extensive collaboration within the Phylos community is expected within a fast paced and agile environment. The Breeding Operations Manager reports to our VP of Breeding and takes direction from our Breeder and Director of Cultivation. As a fast paced start-up we are looking for individuals that thrive in a collaborative and ever-evolving culture and whose skills and experience set will be valued and added to quickly over time.

RESPONSIBILITIES (Other duties may be assigned):

IT Development

Primary contact for third party breeding software Train breeding and cultivation teams on breeding software Identify as well as receive requests from colleagues on software workflow challenges and solutions Collaborate with Phylos Software Development team on customized solutions, as well as co-development projects with breeding software company to optimize relevant breeding workflows Research and assess the usefulness of other functionalities and modules available for breeding software Create and build a comprehensive track-and-trace system for in-licensed germplasm

Breeding Workflows

Develop and write SOPs and other documentation for breeding workflows Interface with cultivation team to optimize operational workflows for both greenhouse and outdoor field work Lead multi-state, third party field trial coordination Establish and communicate seed and clone inventory best practices

Breeding Intelligence

Establish relationships to public and private institutions and individuals that have relevance to cannabis breeding and improvement to Identify potential opportunities Gather pertinent information about the Cannabis seed industry in general


  • Typically requires a Master’s degree in plant breeding or related field and 5+ years experience in a breeding program, nursery environment, or other horticultural operation or equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Strong background in plant breeding, field plot techniques, experimental design, statistical analysis, data collection, and marker assisted selection.
  • Strong and consistent customer service skills.
  • Strong computer skills and database management, in addition to experience working with Google Suite.
  • Aptitude to team leadership, project management, collaboration and effective verbal and written communication skills.
  • Strong multitasking and organizational skills.
  • Ability to work extended hours during peak periods of the season and willingness to travel to regional breeding trials.
  • Demonstrate professional and ethical business practices, adherence to company values, and a commitment to personal and professional development.