Zodaka is the easiest, safest, most reliable cannabis payment system on the market. Our software (built as an API for easy integration) operates via a direct bank-to-bank transfer system which is regulated like cash at the federal level. Zodaka processes entirely domestically without the rolling reserves, high fees, and risk of shutdown that affect the rest of the industry. Merchants can on-board in 1-2 days, customers in 1-2 minutes. We also offer a full banking network!
Business Services
Banking & Payment Processing

About Zodaka

Zodaka was formed to provide secure, professional and quality payments in high-risk industries. For too long these industries have had to deal with ridiculous workarounds to operate like any normal business would. Our founders, a father and son from Oakland, knew there had to be a better way. Not long after, Zodaka was formed.


To create a new and better solution required an especially talented team. Drawn from the entrepreneurial hotbed of Silicon Valley, innovative engineers and business development professionals were assembled to reinvent and modernize payment processing. Following months of preparation and a year of intense development, the Zodaka Payment API is now open to the public.

Our Mission
Zodaka’s mission is to become the payment standard in high risk industries. We are committed to providing the most innovative and reliable software solution in the high risk processing market and the best customer service in the industry. Our business philosophy emphasizes win-win partnerships to create new opportunities within the industries that we operate.



Jordan Friedman