Zimmer & Co

Zimmer & Co

Zimmer and Co. focuses on the distribution of health and wellness products throughout the Caribbean.

About Zimmer & Co

Zimmer & Co. is a health and wellness distribution enterprise focused on hemp-based CBD products. Our primary market is the Caribbean where the principals have almost 50 combined professional years encompassing sales, marketing, business development, entrepreneurship, management and customer service.

The company presently has a portfolio of 100 products including 51 that have been approved for sale in Jamaica by the Ministry of Health. Zimmer & Co. is a fully licensed distribution pharmacy approved by the Ministry of Health and the Pharmacy Council of Jamaica. Zimmer & Co. is the leading distributor and presently sells into over 200 retail outlets in Jamaica.

Zimmer has been recognized for the pioneering role it has played in distribution in the industry in the Caribbean and currently sells into 5 different markets and is currently pursuing expansion into Europe and Latin America.

Zimmer & Co. works in partnership with distributors, wholesalers and retailers throughout the region to sell its products. The Caribbean market has an audience that exceeds 60 Million inclusive of residents and tourists. The company will play an active role in the development of the industry in the markets in which it operates with special focus on its home base of Jamaica by supporting education and small business initiatives that will see the industry rise as an economic force and significant contributor to the economies of the Caribbean.


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