About Ziggi

The Ziggi™ trademark has approached its users in several ways, through years of learning, gathering of experience and active development. The most basic and important way is through high-quality products, which proves that people still appreciate a combination of good material, modern design and an affordable price. Ziggi users always get what they expect. This is proved by their positive responses and comments on social networks as well as by the traditional word-of-mouth at events where Ziggi’s representatives are present.

Ziggi Custom Edition papers have made many festival visitors happy around the globe, some of whom you will find in the Custom Gallery. Ziggi™ is proud to support young artists, athletes and musicians. Culture is very important in our society. Being aware of that, Ziggi is trying to bring it closer to young and old through its channels.

For a number of years we have held a strong presence on domestic and foreign markets. The Ziggi lion is displayed on posters of large concerts of famous domestic and foreign bands and also on fliers and invitations to smaller, but well-covered events of artistic groups, sports and cultural organisations.


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