Yofumo Technologies

Yofumo Technologies

Yofumo’s patented technology was created to provide unmatched post-harvest operating simplicity and results across the entire post-harvest spectrum.

About Yofumo Technologies

For us, thinking differently about old problems is only half the fun. When we combine our innovative spirit with our passion for all things natural, remarkable things happen.

As we perfected our non-residual decontamination process which then enabled complete control over curing and finishing techniques, we laid down the foundation for Yofumo’s future innovations. With a lifelong passion for old or forgotten techniques, and how technology can revive and improve them, the Yofumo team can confidently look forward to a rich path of innovation in the years to come.


Alfonso Campalans
Chief Executive Officer Founder
Alex Gray
Chief Operating Officer Co-Founder
Victor Sevillano
Chief Marketing Officer Co-Founder
Javier Derderian
Chief Technology Officer Co-Founder
Joe Edwards
VP Client Applications and Deployment
Jorge Marin
VP Engineering & Power Systems