Westleaf Inc

Westleaf Inc

Westleaf is proudly Canadian and a truly vertically integrated cannabis company, with assets owned and under development across cultivation, extraction, processing, manufacturing, and wholly owned retail.
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About Westleaf Inc

Westleaf is a vertically integrated cannabis company focused on innovative retail experiences and engaging cannabis brands as well as, cultivation, production and extraction of cannabis products. Westleaf is rolling out a national retail footprint for its retail concept Prairie Records, with stores planned for British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and potentially Ontario. The retail concept leverages the instinctual tie between recreational cannabis and music and redefines the cannabis purchasing experience. The Company also has two significant production facilities under construction and scheduled for completion in 2019. For more information, please visit www.westleaf.com or www.prairierecords.ca.

Westleaf is a publicly listed cannabis company headquartered in Calgary, Alberta. The Company trades on the TSX Venture exchange under the stock ticker WL.



Scott Hurd
Founder, President, Chief Executive Officer & Dire...
Taylor Ethans
Founder, Chief Financial Officer & Head of M&A
Shon Williams
Chief Development Officer at Westleaf Inc.
Ben Kaanta
Chief Operating Officer
Christian Monson
Chief Legal Officer & VP of Strategy at Westleaf
Adam Coates
Chief Commercial Officer
Pat Whelan
Founder & Executive Vice President
Brian Krywulak
Vice President of Finance & Accounting
Bruce Leslie
Vice President of Corporate Communications
Ray Yue
Vice President of Real Estate
Warren Matzelle
Director of Retail Operations
Stuart Boucher
Director of Corporate Development
Kris Newell
Director Of Retail Development at Westleaf Inc.
Katrina Fife
Director of Finance
Kim Collins
Manager of Human Resources
Jesse Martin
In-House Counsel at Westleaf Inc.
Matt Marshall
Director of Cultivation & Training at Westleaf Inc...
Petra Shim
Director of Marketing
John Mulvihill
Director of Supply Chain Management
Michael Govender
Director of Quality Control and Assurance
Chris Haines
Director of Information Technology
Natalie Wise
Brand Manager (Prairie Records) at Westleaf Inc.

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