Weekend Review Kit

Weekend Review Kit

Weekend Review Kit is a digital magazine of informed reviews, news updates, and feature pieces of cultural relevance for the conscious cannabis connoisseur. Weekend Review Kit is a forum for those who know that cannabis users are productive, intelligent, valuable members of diverse communities. Weekend Review Kit is redefining cannabis culture.
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About Weekend Review Kit

WeekendReviewKit.com is a review and lifestyle site designed to create a robust market of thoughtful cannabis consumers who demand the highest quality products, the best business practices, and stringent self-regulation from dispensaries, retail shops, and ancillary cannabis businesses. We know that the consumer will eventually drive the industry, and that what the market wants will determine the shape and tone of the biggest American business sector since tech. Our reviews, lifestyle features, and news blurbs build this market by delivering entertainment, education, and resources to help cannabis consumers become cannabis connoisseurs. We hope that our site provides a broader, more balanced perspective on cannabis and cannabis use in the U.S. and demonstrates the diversity of the cannabis community in order to counteract the negative stereotypes and outdated images people still reference when talking about this plant.


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