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About Viva

Welcome to Octavia Wellness, a company I founded after seeking information about which cannabis products might help my mom following her diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease, two years ago.

I began researching the best cannabis treatment options for her, and my discovery process left us frustrated, overwhelmed and confused.

Her doctors couldn't help us aside from writing her a medical cannabis recommendation. Dispensaries were a turn-off with too many products, not enough support, and they were located in “red light districts.” Online services proved to be equally daunting — especially around dosing and selection.

I began educating myself and sourcing the best cannabis products for my family and friends. More and more often, I found myself in various homes, sharing all that I knew about cannabis and the products that were working for us.

Within a year, we had created a network of people who were all being helped or were helping others gain safe access to reliable, trusted cannabis products.

I resigned from my career in high-tech, and my mom and I sold our Victorian home on Octavia Street in San Francisco to start-up Octavia Wellness.

Today, Octavia Wellness is proud to be the premier, in-home, direct sales cannabis choice. We are dedicated to serving multiple generations of people who want to feel better with cannabis products.

Whether shopping for yourself, an aging parent, or if you’re passionate about joining our growing community of Wellness Consultants, Octavia supports your journey every step of the way!



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