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About Vitalis Extraction Technology

Vitalis is the manufacturer of the most sophisticated industrial Supercritical CO2 extraction system in the world
With a strict focus on quality as well as a commitment to constant research and development, Vitalis provides certified Supercritical CO2 extraction equipment that is re-defining the capabilities of traditional extraction methodologies.

Our Journey
The seed for Vitalis was planted in a simple question - what does the extraction industry want?

Before opening the doors on what would become the leading manufacturer of industrial sized, supercritical CO2 extraction systems, three partners went out to extractors and asked that very question. The answer took them on a two year journey of research, ideation and development.

Studying the equipment already available in the market, and learning what extractors liked, didn't like, and wished for, our founders began to build the solution.

The Application of Innovation
Our engineering team was hired right from the oil & gas industry, bringing with them extensive knowledge and experience. When the first designs for Vitalis systems were conceptualized, our engineers applied three major business drivers that have now become ingrained into the DNA of the Vitalis engineering and manufacturing process.

Reliability- due to the remote location of Oil & Gas extraction facilities, reliability is a paramount concern. As service opportunities are limited or non-existent, equipment needs to be reliable and able to withstand tremendous stress.

As pump reliability was a concern for extractors, Vitalis custom-designed a pump that has redefined the expectations for unprecedented reliability.

Component Certification - the legal exposure and visibility of very public oil & gas organizations make the adherence to rigid certification processes and use of certified equipment mandatory.

Vitalis pressure vessels are ASME and CSA/CRN certified, and electronics are C/UL listed to provide the utmost confidence and reassurance to our customers while protecting the investment they've made in their equipment.

Continuous Operation - due to the economies involved in the extraction of petroleum products, the 24/7 daily operation of machinery - as opposed to start-stop interruption - can have a multi-billion dollar impact on revenue, markets, and supply.

At Vitalis, workflow efficiencies are built directly into the system, allowing for 24/7 heavy-duty operation, as would be expected in the oil & gas field.

The supercritical CO2 extraction industry wanted 5 things - better pump reliability, increased flow rates, improved separation system, more phase management control, and scalability for future growth.

The partners went to work, designing a bigger, better pump for industrial sized applications. Our head engineer, a veteran of the oil and gas industry, was up to the task. From designing 35,000psi systems processing over a half ton of material per hour, he designed a system for botanical extraction.

Designed for 120% duty cycle, up to 5000psi, and maintaining a 15kg/min flow rate, the Vitalis patented dual-piston hydraulic pump was born.

Further innovations were conceived, designed and built into the system. From improved extraction methodologies to efficiency upgrades, the first Vitalis CO2 extraction machine started to take form.

Once built, the original prototype was put through the paces, testing over 10,000lbs of dry product. From that original model, the Vitalis series of machines took form, growing to become the leading system in industrial sized supercritical CO2 extractions.

With a heavy-duty hydraulic pump, dual extraction lines, industrial grade CO2 recovery system, TrueCyclonic separation technology, and modular assembly for future scalability, the Vitalis system is built for heavy-duty workloads, massive capacity, and continual growth.

With more industrial sized supercritical CO2 extraction machines in the field than any other manufacturer, Vitalis continues to deliver on promises of quality, innovation, and support.


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Chairman / Co-Founder at Vitalis Extraction Tech.
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COO & Co-Founder of Vitalis Extraction Technology...
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Supply Chain Manager at Vitalis Extraction Technol...
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