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Vertical Companies

Vertical is one of the first and largest vertically integrated companies in the legal medical cannabis industry.
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Introducing an entirely new perspective on the global cannabis market. Vertical is one of the first and largest vertically integrated companies in the legal medical cannabis industry. We have operations in AZ, CA and KY, combined with strategic partnerships in OH, and additional plans for expansion to other states, which position us to take advantage of the legalization and normalization of cannabis globally. Vertical is led by an executive team of entrepreneurs and business leaders from the alcohol beverage, agriculture, CPG, distribution, entertainment, food, healthcare and medical industries. Vertical’s operations include planning, permitting, development and operation of cultivation, extraction, manufacturing and distribution. We have world class capabilities in product development, co-packing, branding, marketing, distribution and legal compliance. Vertical does Everything Pertaining to Green.

It’s no secret that the cannabis industry is booming today. But years ago, before cannabis really began its transition to legitimate business, only a handful of intrepid entrepreneurs saw the potential opportunity. The stigma of cannabis was still strong when Todd Kaplan mentioned his new venture to his forum within the business networking group, YPO. In a group of executives who run some of the largest companies in the world, there were plenty of naysayers and many words of caution. But Todd persisted, and with the management team he built over decades running healthcare companies, his cannabis company began to grow.

As the company has grown and transformed into its current state, they’ve stayed true to their core mission and values. The entire management team still meets every Monday morning to update each other on progress and goals, and their vision for the future of the company. Through their own operations and the great partnerships they’ve formed, Vertical’s footprint has become one of the largest in the industry. Yet, at the core they’re still a group of intrepid entrepreneurs who see a great opportunity in cannabis and work hard every day to capitalize on it.


Smoke Wallin
Serial Entrepreneur and CEO
Alexis Rosen
Chief Of Staff at Vertical Companies
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Training and Developmental Specialist

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