Talk to a licensed marijuana doctor and get approved or your money back!
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About Veriheal

At Veriheal, we pride ourselves on getting patients legal and safe access to medical marijuana.

  • Step 1: Connect patients with Doctors - Finding licensed physicians in your state who are legally approved to prescribe medical marijuana can be tough. Patients can simply choose to meet a doctor depending on their state. Whether it's in person or an online consultation, we connect you to doctors who understand and
  • Step 2: Recommend the Best Local Dispensaries: Once you have your medical marijuana card, the next, most important part is finding a dispensary. Who has the best strains? What specials are available? Who's closest to your location? Let us guide you introduce you to the best places to purchase your medicine.
  • Step 3: Educate and Build a Family: Building a family of people in all shapes and sizes is what truly matters to us. All things educational, entertaining, and inspiring can be found on our Channels page. Content is king and is what builds trust and a following. Stay informed with what's going on by continually visiting our site for new information and much more!


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