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As the world population continues to expand and life expectancy rates continue to improve dramatically throughout the world, the global elderly population has expanded to unprecedented levels and the trend is likely to continue. This growing cohort of people have unique needs and among them are new methods of treating chronic and age-related symptoms and conditions that more and more seniors are facing.
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About Tikun Olam LTD

Tikun Olam has been at the forefront of developing new strategies to improve the quality of life and health of senior citizens in Israel for years. Medical cannabis treatment is slowly becoming a mainstream treatment alternative to over-medication and improper treatment with conventional methods that have severe consequences on quality of life and side effects that can seriously harm this vulnerable population.

Tikun Olam Pioneering Elderly Treatment

In an exclusive and pioneering partnership with the Hadarim Nursing Home at Kibbutz Na’an, Tikun Olam created a unique project to pilot the treatment of many of the nursing home’s residents that were suffering from various conditions and symptoms with medical cannabis. The project involved working with the nursing home staff to come up with strategies and methods of making cannabis treatment accessible and comfortable for the residents Tikun Olam worked closely with the medical team and nursing team at Hadarim to develop a model of geriatric cannabis treatment that had outstanding results.

The quality of life of patients that participated in the initial project rose significantly with many patients regaining abilities they had previously lost, including the significant reduction of medications, independent digestion without the need for feeding tubes and nutritional supplements, a reduction in restlessness, improved sleep, improved nutrition, reduction of pain and tremors. The families and staff were on hand, as well as, Tikun Olam professionals, to provide the guidance and strain varieties that helped patients find relief for many of their complicated conditions and symptoms.

The project also inspired Tikun Olam to develop products, such as specific cannabis oils and cannabis capsules, customized for the elderly population. These products along with the experience and methodologies gained through the project have been incorporated into Tikun Olam’s overall strategy of treating elderly patients and has made the company a global leader in providing care to this unique population. Tikun Olam’s palliative treatment with medical cannabis today provides hope and care for many geriatric patients in various stages of disease and with various conditions.

Tikun Olam continues to improve and redouble our efforts towards the goal of making treatment with medical Cannabis accessible to the elderly, in order to help the elderly person, his family and the treating staff to cope with physical, mental, behavioral and functional difficulties.

 We are committed to supportive and reliable care and personal service.

• We are committed to guarding human dignity and the patient's rights.

• The patient and his family are full partners in the treatment process.

• We strive to develop tools for quality research.

• We are committed to maintaining continual care as necessary according to the various needs of the patient and his family.

• We are committed to contributing to the advancement of treatment of the elderly in a professional sense and affecting the policy of geriatric health in Israel.

The Effects of Cannabis on Appetite and Blood Indices of Geriatric Patients:

A long-term observational follow-up conducted to collect data from elderly nursing home patients that regularly use medical cannabis. The study measures parameters such as: nutritional blood work, caloric intake, weight, prescription drug usage, sepsis, trembling, spasticity, and quality of life measurements (mood, sleeping habits, etc.)


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