Tiger Vape Hemp Oil

Tiger Vape Hemp Oil

Heal your body with the smoothest CBD Hemp Oil Vaporizer. Tiger Vape Hemp Oil is pain’s worst enemy; passionate about providing quick, effective, and clean CBD oil to patients suffering from debilitating pain. Their focus is on the amazing medical benefits of CBD, and all of their products are rich in it; making pain management painless Tiger Vape Hemp Oil cartridges hit smoothly, without any of the harshness of traditional smoking products. Allowing people suffering from severe pain an easy and powerful way to be relieved from their ailment immediately.
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About Tiger Vape Hemp Oil

Tiger Vape Hemp Oil believes that it should be the choice of the patient to have access to CBD rich cannabis products. Noticing that most clinics mostly provide THC heavy cannabis, Tiger Vape Hemp Oil began to fill an important void in the medical marijuana market. The founder of Tiger Vape Hemp Oil has experienced first hand the effect that CBD can have on someone's life. His very own father was suffering from Parkinson's disease, and had to rely entirely on his family to perform simple tasks. Seeking alternative medicine that would not damage his liver or kidneys the way most prescription drugs do, they turned to medical marijuana. However, the psychoactive effects of THC were not helpful to his father. So he set out in search for strains of hemp that were low THC and high CBD. After visiting many different countries including China and Australia the founder was finally able to craft his special CBD blend and created Tiger Vape Hemp Oil. Now, Tiger Vape Hemp Oil is dedicated to providing CBD rich hemp oil to those restricted by chronic pain. Their mission is help patients regain their independence and freedom from their debilitating health ailments. Tiger Vape Hemp Oil believes that CBD is the future of medicine and is proud to be at the forefront of the CBD and Hemp community, with their brand new, groundbreaking product.

Process: Tiger Vape Hemp Oil is dedicated to being transparent and honest about all of their products. All of their products are tested through SC Labs, one of the nation's leaders in cannabis science. Tiger Vape Hemp Oil tests for CBD, THC, and CBN content, to ensure that patients are receiving safe and trustworthy products. They use a CO2 extraction method, which is much safer than other wax or concentrate extractions. The CO2 method uses Supercritical Fluid Extraction or SFE which leaves out harmful hexane and methylene chemicals other types of extractions have.

Products: Vape Cartridges CBD Oil pre-filled cartridges pack a huge punch to pain. This super smooth concentrate won’t hurt your throat when inhaling the way traditional medical marijuana does when smoked. A few puffs depending on patient size and ailment severity and your pain will melt away. Vape Cartridges CBD Oil comes in different flavors.

Lab Testing: Tiger Vape Hemp Oil is proud to test their products through labs, for patient confidence and reliability. Labs use state of the art cannabis testing and analysis and are dedicated to developing industry wide safety and quality control standards.