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About Tidal Royalty Corporation

Tidal Royalty is the leading provider of royalty financing to the legal cannabis* industry. Our team has built, led and advised some of the most iconic cannabis businesses in Canada and across the world. We leverage this expertise to identify exceptional licensed operators and provide them the financing they need to grow their business. The operators that we finance benefit from our non-dilutive capital and our investors get top-line access to the companies that will form the future of this transformative industry.

We've Done This Before

Our team of entrepreneurs, operators, and financiers are behind the world’s leading cannabis companies. Tidal Royalty presents the opportunity to leverage our skills and expertise in the biggest market in the world, as it undergoes a seismic shift in public perception, financing, and regulation. We are committed to creating value for our shareholders, our community partners, and the cannabis industry.


Jonathan D. Beland
Vice President, Corporate Development at Tidal Roy...
Theo van der Linde
CEO & Chairman
Terry Taouss

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