The Trimmer Store Denver

The Trimmer Store Denver

A wide range of automatic bud trimmers and accessories available for rental and sale. Discover product from brands such as EZtrim, Twister, GreenBroz, Bonsai Hero, Trimpro and Triminator.

About The Trimmer Store Denver

What is The Trimmer Store? Glad you asked. The Trimmer Store started as a solution to a problem that Colorado didn’t even know existed when Recreational Marijuana passed. And based on our studies the industry is just now starting to truly embrace the fact that a problem exists. So what was the problem?

The problem The Trimmer Store has been solving for the last 7 years is “How do I trim my bud faster, cheaper and in a more automated system?” With the rise in home grows and large commercial facilities, the need for automated trimmers arose as the price per pound dropped. So we created The Trimmer Store as a place where the customer can get answers on what trimmer is best for them and how to harvest effectively in a modern marijuana market.

Initially, we just rented and sold the machines but quickly realized our hands-on experience with thousands of different harvesting scenarios made us a valuable asset to a new and growing industry looking to save money and do things right the first time around.

So we began educating our customers and our knowledge grew with our experience and now we offer: in-store demos, on-site demos, machine repair, long-term rental contracts, daily rentals, harvesting systems consulting, retails sales staff training, cultivation consulting, machine reviews, security protocol, elite hand trimming crews and so much more.

Above all else, The Trimmer Store prides itself on providing the best customer service in the industry. We want your harvest to be successful and will go above and beyond to make sure the customer walks away happy. You deal with people that don’t care about their jobs or your needs every day. The Trimmer Store is one business you can count on to take their job and your needs very seriously.

So if you are wondering “How can I trim my bud faster?” “What machine is best for me?” “How can I increase my profit margin in a saturated market?” “How should I design my new facility?” The Trimmer Store has the experience to help guide you through all of these questions and much more that will arise as your business booms.

We never forget our roots! The backbone of our business is machine and equipment rentals. The machines cost a lot and that’s why The Trimmer Store rents them at low daily rates, so the customer can enjoy the automation without paying outrageous prices for a trimming machine

If you are a small home grow that only harvests a few times a year, the last thing you want to do is hire a bunch of typical slackers to help you trim for outrageous prices; and you certainly don’t want to drop several thousand dollars on a Twister T2, Greenbroz 420, or Ez Trim Satellite. The easiest solution is to schedule a free in-store consult and then rent one of those machines for a few hundred dollars a day. If you still need help we can provide you with background checked trimmers who work at an alarming speed with a sense of urgency rarely seen in this industry.

On the other hand, if you are a new or established commercial facility and don’t have the budget for a trimmer, The Trimmer Store can set you up with a low rate long-term rental program designed around your harvest schedule. We can also help you design your harvest room before construction to help you avoid mistakes in room layout that can cost upwards of six figures to correct.

If you do want to have your very own machine what better way to find out which machine is best for your facilities needs than renting several different models while having a Trimmer Store Consultant standing by. Once you decide on a machine you can count on The Trimmer Store to get you the lowest prices available and then stand by that machine for the rest of its life.

We know these machines are expensive. That’s why when you purchase a machine from The Trimmer Store you receive our TTS Membership discount on any future purchases as well as labor. Whether it be parts, accessories, upgrades or another machine; you will receive big discounts for doing business with us time and time again. We also will load you down with free swag just for being awesome.

The Trimmer Store not only acts as a retail location and consultant but we also stand as a protective barrier between the customer and: bias sales reps, flash in the pan companies, off-brand knock-offs, snake oil salesman and guys who think the use of Clear Cut and other oils on your harvest is a good idea ( it is not, that is amateur hour stuff). We are the BBC of the harvesting industry. The Trimmer Store vows to always deliver unbiased, experience backed data to the customer. Why? Because that’s what you deserve. Honesty, Wisdom, and Integrity.

People often think the machine is the golden ticket, but in fact, the trimming machine is a just one tool in a very large tool shed that a grower must have to be successful in the modern marijuana market. That’s why we stand by our clients for the life of their company. Whether you need your machine serviced or want to sharpen the sales skills of your retail staff, we have you covered. How many grow stores come by or even know how to fix your machine when it goes down at 5:00 pm on a Friday and can help sales associates better educate and connect with your patrons? That is The Trimmer Store difference.

Our rental program is super easy and also has long-term rewards. We have 3 tiers of pricing based on each machine. For instance, a Twister T4 rents for $300 a day but after 5 successful rentals, we drop you to our Preferred Customer Rate ( PC ) which is $250 a day. After 10 successful rentals, you would be locked in at our VIP rate of $200 a day for LIFE!

Our prices may be higher than our copycat competitors but that’s because we provide the best service possible and are available 24/7 if a problem should arise during your rental. You get what you pay for but with us you get more than what you paid for. We do over 3,000 rentals a year for a reason. We love our customers and they know we love them based how well and fairly they are treated when they come to see us.

So the next time your crew bails on you, the landlord says the plants have to come down, your retail store is bone dry and a heavy frost threatens your outdoor crop. Who are you gonna call?


NO, no, no!

Call The Trimmer Store at 1-800-429-6034, the ghostbusters are a fictional company….. or are they?

Our non-fictional professionals are standing by ready to answer any question you have. We have stores in Denver, Colorado and Colorado Springs, Colorado.

So call us today at 1-800-429-6034 or email our lead consultant at [email protected] to make a reservation today. Don’t waste another moment of your precious life trimming by hand. “The times they are a changing!”


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