The THC Group

The THC Group

The THC Group LLC is committed to growing it's current portfolio of online Cannabis Web Properties, as well as seeking Marijuana related Investment Opportunities and Products in States where Medical Marijuana and/or Recreational Marijuana is legalized and/or decriminalized.
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About The THC Group

The THC Group LLC was originally formed in 2010 in Denver Colorado at the height of Colorado’s Medical Marijuana boom, to replace THC Media as our main Company for our network of Online Properties. The THC Media was originally formed in the 4th quarter of 2006 with it’s flagship site StonerForumswas sold in 2010 in order to fund and start The THC Group LLC.

Now located in Southwest Florida, The THC Group LLC is focused on expanding into both the Medical & Recreational Marijuana Marketing and Advertising Services by populating our many properties including the likes of and, focusing on the medical aspects of Cannabis, and,,, and catering to the Recreational users.

We also provide the latest Marijuana Headline News and Information to the entire community through Learn about the blazing hot new Investment opportunities in the form of “Marijuana” Stocks and the latest news and press releases on all companies in this field of finance through our main site,

To also have another avenue to be able to expand into other areas of the Marijuana field with focus on the cultivation aspect by supplying Hydroponics, Nutrients, and Garden Supplies through our online store and a full scale organic and natural food products with is our Cannabis Gifts and Collectibles site selling some classic marijuana memorabilia like the 1st issue of High Times Magazine and Hemp for Victory and newer gifts like marijuana leaf “Mardi Gras” beads and shirts from various suppliers.

There are many yet to be traveled roads in the map of The THC Group LLC’s future. If you are interested in joining the caravan, please contact us for investment opportunities with The THC Group LLC.