The Marijuana Show

The Marijuana Show

The Marijuana Show is the first-ever reality show about investing in Cannabis, created and produced by Wendy Robbins and Karen Paull. The #MJRealityShow has offered ganjapreneurs with more than $20 million in financing.
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About The Marijuana Show

Launched in 2014 as just an idea, The dynamic producing duo Karen J. Paull and Wendy Robbins lit the world on fire with two full seasons of the Marijuana Show both filmed in Denver, Colorado. The Producers searched the country at industry conferences, social media and online to find the next marijuana millionaires. Coined, "Shark Tank for Pot" by CNBC, a love affair began between the press and The Marijuana Show which has now had over 250 Million reach to the show.

The first season was created as a web-series, the second season created for television with distribution on Amazon Prime and over 7 Million views! Next, Season Three was filmed in Taos, New Mexico with the strongest and most passionate cast and crew. The production took over a year to create, plan and execute, with a talented team of 60 cast, crew and production team under Wendy Robbins Direction, the best season was conceived.

And we love the press! Jane Wells with CNBC loved the show, and visited our Season one set multiple times, hauling their satellite truck broadcasting live from Season One, they produced what has now become the iconic opening to the show,'s writer covered every episode with a fresh article and video weekly, CNN interviewed the producers on international television, and now you can grab all three seasons for a special deal including a free episode.