The Cloud Critic

The Cloud Critic

Spending hard earned money on a vaporizer, only to have it fall apart, stop working, and end up in the trash a few months later. Over the years I’ve amassed a graveyard of failed vapes. It’s sad, and I don’t want this to happen to you.
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About The Cloud Critic

Hi there. My name is Jamie and I made this site after getting frustrated with all the crappy vaporizers out there. After 10+ years of smoking cannabis I was looking for alternative, healthier ways to go about things. I must have bought a dozen or more vape pens, starting with the Cloud, and every one broke within days or weeks of using it. Pretty soon I had a pile of dead vape pens and I couldn’t stomach the thought of dropping another dime on one.

Problem was, those cheap vape pens from China aren’t made to last.

Then my friend traded me his Pax and I fell in love. This was what a portable vaporizer should be. That was over two years ago. In my quest to find the best vaporizer I have tried dozens, if not hundreds of different types – for dry herb and concentrates – and decided to build this website to document my journey and hopefully spare you from wasting your hard earned money.

To that end I put together the most comprehensive review system out there. No other site measures vaporizers on as detailed a level as I do. I take into account the battery life, vapor density, time to heat, warranty, price and numerous other details in each review. The final score is based on a culmination of all these factors weighed together.

I’m also a proud parent of one human being (a little girl) and one dog (a pitbull). In my spare time I love hanging out with my family, going camping, snowboarding, and reading.