For maturing commodity market needs, client platforms will integrate to ‘push’ excess inventory supply to seed decentralized exchange platforms that we will host on regional levels, and match with demand in increasingly anticipated buyer markets; allowing programmatic transition to centralized marketplace adoption to provide complete market information, increased business connections and universal exchange standards.
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About The CHEX

We aim to be a catalyst for innovative solutions to best practice adoption in the Cannabis industry with respect to commodity exchange standardization, regional product classification consistency, and sensible quality control standards – the lack of which adversely affect the wellbeing of consumers and medical patients.

Our vision is to repurpose the platform to empower global trade in other commodity and B2B product markets.

Mission Statement:
To help legal Cannabis markets worldwide efficiently facilitate the B2B exchange of commodity and finished products, by powering world-class innovative platforms that provide integrated marketplace solutions, trustworthy environments, sensible trade standards, regulatory transparency and complete market intelligence.