The Centre for Medicinal Cannabis

The Centre for Medicinal Cannabis

Following a short yet dramatically successful public campaign in the summer of 2018, Home Secretary Sajid Javid announced the UK would be making medicinal cannabis available. On November 1st cannabis was rescheduled to allow for cannabis based medicinal products (CBMP).
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About The Centre for Medicinal Cannabis

The Centre for Medicinal Cannabis (CMC) was launched as a not-for-profit membership body in December 2018. We were founded and exist to increase access to medicinal cannabis in the United Kingdom to all who will benefit from it. We deliver this remit through a programme of research, political engagement, key stakeholder management, education, public events and advocacy.    Our approach is strategic, innovative and evidence based to ensure we impact on relevant public policy deliberations by broadening the range of institutions and influencers involved, presenting new data and global perspectives, and ensuring that patient access to medicinal cannabis remains high profile in the public domain. Our members and financial supporters are comprised of global industry leaders, investors and philanthropists. We operate as a company limited by guarantee. 

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Our Vision  The United Kingdom, drawing on our inherent strengths, a publicly-funded National Health System, top-tier research universities, and world-class life sciences sector, should be the home to the safest, most innovative, and best regulated medical cannabis market anywhere in the world. Not only will this improve patient health and reduce suffering, but it will contributes significantly to scientific progress and the evidence base globally for this new frontier in medicine.


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