The Cannabis Marketing Lab

The Cannabis Marketing Lab

At The Cannabis Marketing Lab (TCML) we combine corporate and boutique marketing, give it a casual spin and toss it at the cannabis industry for an optical identity that will gain exposure for your brand.
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About The Cannabis Marketing Lab

The cannabis revolution has gone mainstream. Suits and ties, meetings, stock trading, you name it. Crazy, huh?

You’ll be happy to know that The Cannabis Marketing Lab is a professional, full service cannabis marketing agency, that keeps it cool and casual while we deliver the goods. Our cannabis marketing professionals work remotely so we can hire the best talent from anywhere. It’s a collaborative effort from progressive thinkers that are passionate about building your brand. In the Wild West of the cannabis industry, you need a marijuana marketing team that has been there and done it. Look no further! The Cannabis Marketing Lab was the first cannabis-specific marketing agency in existence; our experience is invaluable. We’re the best in the game and we plan to stay that way.

TCML is formed by professionals specialized in different fields within cannabis marketing: Strategy, Digital Marketing, Creativity,Website, logo and packaging, Design, Web and Mobile Programming, Ecommerce, SEO and SEM Web Positioning, Interactive Content, Multimedia and Event Organization.

The Cannabis Marketing Lab has a wide, professional knowledge of the cannabis consumer and a great experience in Direct and Relational Marketing both On and Offline, since its beginnings for more than 6 years specifically focused on cannabis marketing and 12 years traditional marketing. TCML analyzes the strategy, creates totally measurable and profitable campaigns, programs and actions that help to fulfill the objectives of marketing and communication of the client: to generate notoriety, to create relations, to capture clients, to retain them and, of course, to SELL.


Camille Dionisio
Executive Assistant to Celeste Miranda
VP of Social Media Strategies
Social Media Coordinator
Social Media Coordinator
Social Media Coordinator
Lead Web Developer
SEO Analyst
SEO Specialist
Graphic Artist
Graphic Artist
Press Release and Content Writer
Nicholas Demski
Content Writer
eBlast Designer
Data Analyst
Marketing Assistant

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