THC Staffing Group

THC Staffing Group

THC Staffing Group is a boutique recruitment firm dedicated to serving the marijuana industry. Save time advertising, recruiting and sifting through applications — we’ll find you the candidate with the right skills from our large and diverse pool of qualified applicants. As our reputations demonstrate, we care about this industry; we want you to be successful.
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About THC Staffing Group

THC Staffing Group is a recruiting company dedicated to serving the marijuana industry with an emphasis on inclusion. As a highly specialized boutique recruitment firm, we provide personal attention and guidance from people who are not only dedicated to your needs, but are as passionate about the cannabis industry and its future as you are.

With our long-standing, excellent reputations in the marijuana industry and movement, we offer a unique and necessary service to employers. Together, we hold a combined 25 years of experience as activists, consultants, and recruiters for the legal cannabis movement and industry. Through our access to a deep pool of qualified and highly diverse candidates, we maintain a professional commitment to the continued successful growth of the American marijuana industry.

While there are thousands of general, cross-industry recruitment companies, THC Staffing Group focuses solely on the cannabis industry, including dispensaries, cultivation centers, ancillary businesses or nonprofit organizations focused on drug policy. During our 10+ years working in this field, we have both mentored numerous people and helped match them with companies that were looking to hire. As the marijuana industry has matured, we have witnessed the growing need for this type of service.

We have come together in this venture to help America’s fast growing cannabis industry find qualified candidates that are not only a perfect match professionally and personally but also represent a wide and diverse cross-section of America’s population.


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