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Tetra Public Relations is a full-service consultancy serving companies and organizations in the entire cannabis industry, providing both strategy and execution in marketing, public affairs, communications and public relations. From start-ups to established enterprises. Tetra focuses on creative lobbying and focused brand building strategies designed to advance the client’s business goals among customers, stakeholders, partners, regulators and the public.
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Tetra Public Affairs evaluated the voting records of members of the Colorado House and Senate on COHIA’s key legislative priorities. The subjects of these votes included: the reclaimed water use on hemp; hemp as an agricultural commodity; hemp research; the hemp food bill and changing the statutory link on THC in hemp. The Hemp Legislative Report Card assigns each member a letter grade (on a scale of A to F) for his or her voting record on hemp legislation during the 2018 session. Thirteen Senators and House Representatives received an “A” grade, forty-two received a “B,”. Three members received a failing grade of D. “The 2018 legislative report card underscores the importance of ongoing lobbying efforts of Colorado Hemp Industries Association,” said Samantha Walsh, of Tetra Public Affairs. “While we’re pleased to have solid support for hemp issues in Colorado, some of our leadership lagging behind on critical issues affecting the industry. Colorado must continue to be the leader in sensible hemp regulation.”

Tetra Public Affairs grading methodology was done on a curve with more weight given to “Prime Sponsors” as they take the lead on hemp legislation. Hemp legislation is easy to support so simply voting yes on a bill becomes an average expectation. Legislators who received an A+ are distinguished by leading hemp legislation and past support. Occasionally there were some legislators who teetered on the edge of a +/- between grades. If they have a good known history with hemp, they were given a benefit of the doubt and rounded up.


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