Sustainable Cannabis Certification and Consulting

Sustainable Cannabis Certification and Consulting

SCC is a small firm with a great deal of experience in the world of safety and quality standards consulting including Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), HACCP based risk assessment, development of QMS and SOPs and related training, supply chain auditing and risk assessment audits for clients such as insurers,cannabis business buyers and cannabis wholesalers.
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About Sustainable Cannabis Certification and Consulting

Both medical and recreational cannabis markets are coming out of their commercially legal infancy and the quickly expanding marketplace has left buyers and sellers in a grey area when it comes to assuring the quality, safety and potency of the product. Food safety, potency, pesticide residue and many other related issues and control of these areas are major factors in the success of any cannabis business. Like many other commodities, cannabis will soon require 3rd party certification similar to that being done for fruits, vegetables, herbs and commodity crops.

Our team has decades of experience in the agricultural certification world. We view our consulting mission as multifaceted, working closely with each client to assess, educate and formalize a Good Agricultural Practices Plan, HACCP based Food Safety Program or other custom tailored program that helps the client assure a well grown, safe and highly marketable product.

We want to help your business prosper by being ahead of the curve and well prepared for the emerging Cannabis certification and regulatory environment. Being prepared mitigates risks to your business and enhances the marketability of your product.


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