Surna Inc.

Surna Inc.

Many of history’s greatest success stories started with humble beginnings: Amazon, Apple, Disney, Microsoft, Google, and many other world changers all started in a small garage with a big idea. The Surna story begins there, too. Since our inception in a sweltering Austin, TX, garage more than a decade ago, Surna has always been driven by one thing—innovation.
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About Surna Inc.

We see problems as opportunities, and we create innovative solutions that efficiently solve our clients’ challenges.

Our deep expertise is not something you can achieve overnight. It requires years of experience. Hundreds of projects. Tens of thousands of hours. Sweat. Failure. Success. Expertise. As the only true expert in cultivation environments, Surna is the first call any cultivator, investor, engineer or cannabis consultant should make when planning and designing a controlled environment cultivation. We’re the industry experts in applied mechanical engineering, agricultural science, indoor farming and predictive facility modeling.Our systems produce greater yield, more reliability, more security, and timely ROI. We’re laser-focused on producing better energy efficiency for you, moving heat out of your environment as practically as possible. As cross-disciplinary experts, we take time to fully understand your business goals, climate conditions and facility before building a system that will meet your business and cultivation goals. As educators and resources, our Project Management, Engineering and Customer Service teams will work hand in hand with your team to ensure that we’re all moving toward the same finish line—because we know that we can accomplish so much more together.Like other great success stories, ours grows and evolves with each passing year. While we took root in cannabis, our proven cultivation solutions can succeed with any indoor farm-grown food.

As the environmental challenges in agriculture intensify, Surna will play an important role in the future of food. We are poised to slingshot from cannabis into global indoor agriculture solutions. In fact, we believe that if you can succeed in growing cannabis, you can grow anything, anywhere—whether it’s cannabis in Colorado or potatoes on Mars!


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