SunGrown Zero

SunGrown Zero

By marrying the latest agritech with nature, SunGrown Zero is changing the way indoor agriculture is done.

About SunGrown Zero

All SunGrown Zero indoor grow facility designs utilize patented technology to let in 99.7% of the sun's full-spectrum light, and all the photosynthesis-promoting radiation healthy plants need.

SunGrown Zero believes in the power of nature, improving outcomes while cutting energy costs and reducing waste. With SunGrown Zero, what is good for the environment is also good for your bottom line. You'll be seeing green everywhere you look.

SunGrown Zero is more than just a design and construction partner. We will also work with you to develop strategies unique to your custom indoor agriculture solution to make the most out of your new facility.


John Perricone
Founder and Executive Brand Ambassador
Ruben J. Lindo
John Chenoweth
Director of Information Technology

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