Sun Grown Medicinals

Sun Grown Medicinals

Sun God Medicinals is a Sun Breeze Inc company. Sun Breeze Inc was formed in 2014 to provide safe access to medicinal herbs grown in Southern Oregon - from seed to sale. The corporation is comprised of three medicinal herb businesses as outlined below.
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About Sun Grown Medicinals

Sun God Medicinals was founded in the Summer of 2014 with a mission to blend & extract quality healing herbs from Southern Oregon to help consumers address specific symptom needs.  From herbal teas, tinctures, elixirs, topicals, edibles, and extracts the Sun God Meds product line is aimed at providing specific relief.  The processor produces both an herbal products line and a cannabis compounded line of products. In November 2016 Sun God Medicinals received an Oregon state cannabis processors license to make and sell cannabis products to OLCC licensed retailers.  

The Sun God products are made from naturally grown herbs cultivated and harvested on small, family farmsteads in Southern Oregon. We search for herbal supplements grown as nature intended, in small-batches, to ensure quality.  We also use ingredients that are sustainably wild-crafted and certified organic whenever possible.

Sunna Ra Acres - The Producer
Sunna Ra Acres was founded in 2012 and was originally focused on sustainable food production.  Although not certified organic the farm has always strived to grow harmoniously with the natural world.  In 2014 the farm switched its focus from raw milk, heritage pork, free-range eggs, and culinary herbs to medicinal herbs.  The farm currently cultivates hops, peppermint, spearmint, anise hyssop, catnip, echinacea, motherwort, cannabis, meadowsweet, raspberry, and chamomile.  Most of the 40 acre farm is left in it's natural state and the following medicinal plants are wild crafted from the oak woodlands - plantain, Oregon grape root, wild rose hips, mullein, willow bark, St. John's wort, and yarrow.  In the summer of 2016 Sunna Ra Acres became licensed as an Oregon State cannabis producer.  Proud to be in the top 40 of licensed farmers in Oregon to produce this wonderful healing herb!

Breeze Botanicals - The Dispensary
Breeze Botanicals was founded in the Spring of 2014 in Gold Hill, Oregon with an original mission to provide a safe access point for medical patients in the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) and all consumers seeking quality herbs from Southern Oregon.  After two years of serving patients it was apparent that all people needed safe access to medical cannabis.  Many people were afraid to get a medical card or were simply self-medicating for non-debilitating conditions like loss of sleep, headaches, and arthritis.  Therefore in the fall of 2016 Breeze Botanicals became the first state of Oregon retailers of cannabis for all adults - both patients and consumers side-by-side. Proud to be serving all Oregonians as they explore cannabis.

The dispensary carries over 30 herbs and plants that have proven medicinal plant benefits or may provide symptom relief displayed in an easy to understand fashion.  Along with an accessory room to help patients administer healing herbs to a boutique carrying local food, art, and crafts from Southern Oregon.