Founded in 2017, Strimo has developed a unique approach to data management for the growing cannabis industry. As founders, operators and advisors of several marijuana companies over the past decade, from Maine to Hawaii and from Florida to Massachusetts, our founders realized the need for a technology solution that would allow business owners and stakeholders to better manage their business performance, seize the current market opportunity and be in full compliance with regulatory authorities.

About Strimo

Strimo is the only software solution that offers Manufacturing, Accounting, and Dispensary management for the medical marijuana industry.

ERP software company offering solutions to help cannabis operators improve data collection, streamline efficiencies, manage growth.

Built from experience of Operators and Pioneers of the Cannabis Industry, the software bridges the critical gap between key operations for the legal cannabis industry.

The Innovative All-In-One Cloud-based Suite allows marijuana companies to run the entire business on one secure platform, based on Strimo’s own development, managing the entire workflow by organic data collection and eliminating the need for excessive spreadsheets.

Ideal solution for a growing company, or for operations in a multi-sites or multi-state environment, Strimo offers all needed analytics, monitoring KPIs, Margins, Productivity, per site, per product, per harvest, per plant.

Dispensary: Point of Sale with Forecasting Tools and Marketing Functionality

Manufacturing: Organic data collection, costing and margin calculation, eliminates the need for spreadsheets

Accounting: GAAP and Audit Compliant with Non-Alterable User Controls

Compliance: Enterprise Resource Planning Suite in full compliance with regulatory authorities