STERO Biotechs

STERO Biotechs

STERO Ltd., founded in 2017 and headquartered in Israel, is a clinical-stage company committed to the research and development of novel and improved Cannabidiol (CBD) based treatment solutions that will potentially benefit millions of patients by reducing the side effects and the need of steroid therapy.

About STERO Biotechs

STERO’s patent was granted! In the US on August 2018. Stero’s 1st Phase IIa clinical trial stared on May 2019 on AutoImmune Hepatitis (AIH), a 2nd Phase IIa clinical trial in Crhon’s disease (IBD) on June 2019 and more indication in the pipeline for 2019.


David Bassa
Ofer Alshech
Guy Defrin
Sari Prutchi Sagiv
Moshe Yeshurun
Senior Medical Advisor
Assaf Issachar
AIH Medical Director
Naftali Timna
IBD Medical Director