Stem Cell United

Stem Cell United

Stemcell United Limited (ASX:SCU) is an Australia mainboard-listed biotechnology and pharmaceutical company which focuses on the development, reproduction, culture and extraction of plant stem cells for TCM medicinal, health, beauty and anti-aging applications through its environmentally friendly patented technology.

About Stem Cell United

SCU was founded in Singapore on July 2014 by Mr Philip Gu, who has 20 years of experience in the marine and agricultural biotechnology industry.

Mr Gu obtained his Master degree of Science in Biology, with a major in Plant Physiology.

From 1994-2003, he worked as post-harvest consultant with Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations.

As a serial entrepreneur for the past 20 years, Mr Gu has in-depth industry knowledge and well-established global business network in the field.

Features Stem Cell United

Vision: To be the leading global player in plant stem cell biotechnology.

Mission: To unlock the limitless potential of plant stem cell with the aim of healing and nourishing the people and our planet.


  • Innovation
  • Win-win
  • Goodness and Kindness
  • Sincerity and Honesty
  • Persistency


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